Things in life change, it is just that simple. However, the problem often is accepting the inevitability. You face the uncertainty of whether the change will be better or worse than the current state. Will the change be long lasting or short-lived? And finally, what will you have to sacrifice. One theme of our podcasts last year on The Art of The Dive was “the death of premium forwards”. You want to start your FPL season out on the right foot and once again we are strongly recommending foregoing a premium forward for the 2019/2020 FPL season.

The Art of The Dive FPL podcast is not only fun and entertaining but also remarkably educational and often ahead of the curve. Last year we repeatedly recommended ignoring premium forwards such as Kane, Aguero, Aubameyang, Lukaku, Lacazette, and Firmino. Go ahead, listen to our old pods, the info is there and you start your FPL preseason out with some laughs. If you do not want to listen or do not have the time, shame on you! Just kidding. Read on for why you need to alter your FPL strategy until FPL pricing corrects itself.

Consider that you purchased Aubameyang or Aguero last season and held them all the way through. 6 players (Andrew Robertson, Virgil van Dijk, Mo Salah, Raheem Sterling, Eden Hazard, and Sadio Mane). Just run an eye test on the 6 premium forwards mentioned and the 6 players who outscored all of them. Yes, Virgil ended the season with 208 points to Aubameyang’s 205. Do not forget Virgil started the season at the cost of £6.0 while Aubameyang cost £11.0. This alone reveals why owning a premium forward is not only difficult but idiotic. We are going to go through a prototype budget from last year so stick with me.

If you payed to have Mo Salah at £13.0 he was the top points getter during the season 259. You then payed either £11.0 for Raheem Sterling or £10.5 for Eden Hazard and just imagine for simplicity sake you had both Virgil £6.0 and Robertson at £6.0 all from the start of the season. That leaves you with a budget of £64-64.5 for 11 players. Say you went with bench fodder for three of those positions. Say a £4.0 goalkeeper £4.0 defender (hopefully Wan-Bissaka, whom we also shouted on the pod), and a £4.5 forward. That leaves you with a budget of £51.5-52.0 for 8 players. Now say you spend £11.0 on Aubameyang or Aguero. That leaves you with a miniscule budget of £40.5-41.0 for 7 players, 6 of which will be starting for you every week! I know change is hard but I hope you are starting to realize that unless a premium forward has a 2019/2010 season to remember your best spending your money in the back and midfield.

Want more proof? No worries I got it. Callum Wilson’s ppm last year was a whopping 28 and Raul Jiménez’s was even better at 32.9! Aubameyang was closest to this at a measly 18.6. Even Jamie Vardy bettered him at 19.3 and started the season at £9.0. I get it, you want guys who bang goals. Who doesn’t? But if you want to be successful at FPL in 2019/2020 we strongly recommend staying away from premium forwards. Even with price hikes to last years budget forwards there is still more value there. Is there a chance I could be wrong about this? Yes, but we at The Art of The Dive are not going to take the massive risk that a FPL premium forward has a spectacular season, top defenders such as Andrew Robertson, Virgil van Dijk even Trent Alexander Arnold and Aymeric Laporte all have their production fall off significantly, and mid-fielders such as Mo Salah, Raheem Sterling, and Sadio Mane all have bad seasons.

Article written by Jacob Klos

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