Starting Strong is Good. Finishing Strong is Epic. – Robin Sharma


  1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang TSB 5.3% Price E10.5

Argument for: Most FPL teams would be delighted to have a player who has returned in 13 games out of 20 games and has scored 14 goals and 3 assists in league games combined. Now given that this player, barring injury, is cup tied and the other starting forward (Aleexandre Lacazette) is out with an injury and we’re ecstatic. Arsenal have scored 51 goals which is 4th in the league (1 behind Spurs’ 52) and also have a great run of fixtures. After Man City this weekend the only two teams they play in the top 10 in the table are at Man United GWK 36 and home against Burnley GWK 37.

Argument against: Aubameyang is definitely a top range price at E10.5 and there are definitely cheaper options for a second striker. Also, we have all come to find out one way or another most forwards coming to England take awhile to accustomed to playing in the EPL.

  1. Gabriel Jesus

Argument for: We all know Pep loves to rotate players so he has to play someone instead of Kune, Sterling, and Sane with the English Premier League all wrapped up with a ribbon on top. Jesus is explosive and we all know he has lots of FPL points in him if he gets consistent minutes. Don’t forget Man City still has 18 more goals compared to runner up Liverpool.

Argument against: Regaining form this late in the season after being out for so long can be extremely difficult. It also isn’t like Jesus is a bargain at 9.9. Even when healthy, Pep seems to seriously limit Jesus’ minutes and who’s to say that is all of a sudden going to change

  1. Olivier Giroud TSB 2.1% Price E8.2

Argument for: You can’t ignore the results albeit a small sample size. Giroud has 1 goal and 3 assists in two games with Chelsea and seems to fitting in to their style of play effortlessly. Conte’s decision to go with Hazard up top versus Barcelona seems more like a problem for Morata rather than Giroud and hey, maybe at some point Conte will learn he should play Hazard and Willian together behind an actual striker. Why not Giroud?

Argument against: Can you really compare the bottom feeder of the EPL and Hull City who is fighting relegation in the championship to other teams in the premier league? Probably not. Also, difficult fixtures are on the horizon (read on later for details). The biggest question though, is Giroud going to get lots of minutes with Morata healthy? At a price of 8.2 he needs to be playing consistently and it is highly unlikely that both Giroud and Morata play together in Conte’s system.


  1. Tom Heaton TSB 1.4% Price E4.7

Argument for: Burnley are still 6th in total clean sheets with 11 and have a great run of fixtures. Burnley’s poor offense only helps Heaton’s chances of BAPs as well. Although he is coming back from injury we all know what Heaton is capable of in FPL

Argument against: Heaton is still coming off a major injury and who knows what kind of form he will be in. Throw in that Burnley have only kept 1 clean in their last 9 games and you are headed for disaster.

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