In Part 1 of 10 savy players to consider – A statistical analysis, Jake breaks down five players who should be part of your preseason discussions.

  1. Sergio Aguero – Last year Aguero’s stats all demonstrated he was the top forward for FPL 2017. He had the highest average points per match at 6.8. Overall in 25 games he had 21 goals and 6 assists meaning he averaged a return in every game. Few players can boast those underlying stats. His points per million last year if you figure in his 6.8 average for 32 games was only bettered by Perez, Vardy, and Firminho (All three of which had price hikes this season). Whose price didn’t increase you ask? Why, Kun’s didn’t. Even Kane, whose price also rose 0.5m, averaged 1.2 less ppm than Aguero in 2017.
  2. Cenk Tosun – In 12 games where he started he averaged very close to 4.6 ppg. This average ignores the two games he was brought on in the second half. Let us take that average over say 34 games. That is 156.4 points over an FPL season. That would have been good enough to get him 6th overall for forwards in total scored, just behind Lukaku’s 162 and above Lacazette’s 138. The big difference, those players cost you 11m and 9.5m while Tosun comes in at a whopping 7m. Consider that under Allardyce for the majority of the year Everton scored 44 goals which placed them tied 11th overall with Watford. Now they have Marco Silva at the helm who loves attacking football and is coaching his most talented premier league side. Not only that, you do not have to worry about any hangover from the World Cup. Even if Everton produce a statistically similar attacking season, which they likely won’t, Cenk Tosun seems like a no brainer for a mid-priced forward especially with Everton’s easy fixtures to open the season.
  3. James Maddison – Let me start with, we definitely need to know more before the start of the season. Where is Maddison going to play, is he taking direct free kicks, etc. But as a new player to the EPL James Maddison should be getting more intrigue. He scored 14 goals, had 8 assists, and hit the post 4 times in the Championship. Yes, I can already hear nay-sayers – It was the Championship League! He is only 21! Leicester are going to struggle without Mahrez! Well nay-sayers consider this. He had 124 key passes and 8 big chances created which was top of the Championship for a team that only outscored 5 teams out of 24. Leicester do not have a terrible run of fixtures for their first 15 games (only three top 6 sides and one being Arsenal). Don’t sleep on this guy.
  4. Naby Keita – Another newcomer that has a lot of potential and plays for the second best offensive team in the EPL. He just seems like a huge bargain with Fabinho set to handle the CDM role in Klopp’s typical 4-3-3. Keita should be able to get forward and as we have already seen in preseason be able to provide lots of big chances (3 assists). Keita does not seem to have a lot of competition and I believe he is going to be a BPS magnet. If you cut his Salzeburg stats in half (59 games, 17 goals, 9 assists), so basically 30 games 8.5 goals 4.5 assists and 60 points from just playing he gets 116 points in the season. Now consider bonus points, clean sheets, oh and the fact that his attacking line is Salah, Firminho, and Mane.
  5. Henrikh Mkhitaryan – Mkhi had a solid 5.35 ppg last year with Man United and Arsenal. If he keeps up that kind of form for the whole of 2018, that would put him at 160.5 points if he plays 30 of 38 games. At his price, that is a spectacular deal of 23 ppm. I have this sneaky suspicion that with Unai Emery at the helm, some new additions, and Aubameyang leading the attack Mkhi will even better these numbers. And hey, who’s to say he only plays 30 games with Arsenal only having to worry about Europa.

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