10 Quick Tips for FPL Success

1. Be balanced: Rotation/injuries occur, you need a deep bench. Don’t overspend in one area of the pitch. General rule of thumb: 3 medium-high priced defenders, 2-3 medium-high priced mids, 1 medium to high priced forward. Chose only two “premium” players who you will captain throughout the year.

2. Battered rule: Get players from top 6 sides for majority of team. Play safe: Pick proven players. Pick two high ceiling “punt” players. These may or may not be top six team players.

3. Play your chips tactically: WC, free hit, bench boost, TC. Plan it out!

4. Value is key: Look up some stats on points per million and points per 90 per million. There’s lots to talk about here but someone else could most certainly do it better.

5. Formation is fluid: Don’t worry about formation. Focus on the player value and distribution of funds.

6. Fixtures matter (except for GKs): @mapzupi wrote an article about different positions and fixtures. Found that the fixtures are important in player selection. Plan your moves out: I like flow charts which allow for variability.

7. Make transfers late: Don’t worry about price changes especially after they changed the price rise system this last season. Make transfers late in the week so as to avoid potential rotation or injuries. Information is the key to success!

8. Be patient: Do your research: Soccer is a lucky game but your create your luck by selecting a team that is statistically more likely to score. Don’t bring guys in to just throw them out.

9. Sometimes herd theory is the best theory: Sometimes it’s best to go with the crowd: ie. Salah. This is a safe play. It protects you from potential deficits which could occur. Don’t overthink it. Protect yourself.

10. Be part of a community. Join mini-leagues. Follow people on social media sites. Get your friends involved. That’s the whole point of the game.


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