FPL is basically a game of odds. We take bets on players to return points for our team week in and week out. One of the most challenging aspects of FPL is that the match performances of players, and resulting points, are often on a knifes edge. A bounce, slip, or mis-timed run can be the difference between large hauls and green arrows or a ruined game week. Therefore, it’s important we consider the season as a whole and not as a single sample of a week, game, or specific player’s performance. One way to do this is to use data in your decision making. Having access to data is crucial to transfer and lineup selection. Using only the official FPL website limits the potential for quality decision as the analytics are lacking. Below are a series of great data sources. Each one provides something slightly different from betting odds to keep clean sheets (bookies have time machines) to player points per million stats. Contact us if you have any more that could be added.

FPL Analytics: This site is my first stop when evaluating any player. They’re slogan is “Amateurs pray. Outliers plan”. This site is specifically useful for points per million (ppm) and points per game per million stats. Essentially, these two metrics evaluate value of a player. Knowing this can help ensure you have funds properly distributed throughout your team. The site also has data on template teams, transfers and player performance.

Fantasy Reports: Betting odds are a great way to decide on who to captain or which player to trust to keep a clean. Bookies set odds based on the chance that these things will occur. Reports takes those odds and convert them into implied odds or a percentage, which is often far easier to understand. Use it to explore clean sheet and goal scoring odds for FPL and Champions Fantasy League.

Fantasy Football Fix: For predictive tools, look no further than Fantasy Football Fix. This site is designed to take the hard work out of FPL. Fantasy Football Fix has paid and unpaid features. Personally, I use the unpaid version because I’m cheap but also because I’m too boujee to think I need the help of this website. That said, everything they do it great. I mainly use it for price change predictions and points per game statistics but they also offer suggested transfers/captains and predicted scores for players. Interestingly, they also display stats such as Top 1K average score to compare your week too.

Understat: Wonderful statistics site for team and individual player xG, xA, and per 90 stats.

FPL Connect: : Connect is a swiss army knife of fpl resources. I like them most for their presser articles they post right before each game week. This article summarizes what each manager has said about their team. It’s one of the few pieces of information I seek out every week. They also provide articles, captain metrics, and so much more.