Feast your eyes on FPL_Jim’s Fixture Ticker V2.0 (sexier name in the making). It uses data from the PL website to determine a teams difficulty.

From the mastermind himself:

Each ‘difficulty rating’ (colour coded) is separated by 45 points – meaning each week a teams ‘difficulty rating’ will change based on their running performances. A good way of using underlying statistics to predict how well teams both defend & attack – hence their difficulty rating.

  • 2 tabs
    • 1 for Prem fixtures only
    • 1 for all fixtures (Domestic and European competitions)
  • Highlighted potential DGW’s & Blanks – will update when we get more information.
  • People can also save their own copy and use their own algorithm to work our FDR. I recognize techy techy isn’t my strong point but I’ve done the leg work in placing all the fixtures in 1 location for everyone.

I’ll update the sheet every Tuesday. I’m working on making it a shared document so the copy on your website will update as well.

If anyone has any questions they can hit me up on Twitter (@FPL_Jim) or comment on the website.

If you’d like to check out a full page version of this masterpiece, click below.

Fixture Ticker Link

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