The End of the Beginning

Here’s a short one…

With six gameweeks in the books, most of the pre-season mysteries in the 2018/2019 FPL edition have been resolved.

Top three: Liverpool, City, and Chelsea are the class of the League. 47 goals/9 against.

Second three: United, Arsenal, and Spurs have yet to find a formula for translating their advantages into results. 33 goals/25 against.

Watford, Bournemouth, and Leicester have almost matched the “second three” in goals; 32 to 33 and 27 against.

At this writing 12 of my 15 roster spots are on these nine teams.

Still, there are some enduring questions.

Salah or Hazard?

If I was going to Wildcard this week, there’s a strong possibility I’d have both. Salah looked really good against Southampton and could have had a bigger haul. Hazard always looks like having a brace and an assist but it doesn’t always come off. Chelsea isn’t as loaded with talent at the attacking end as Liverpool or City, so you’d expect more of the returns to fall to Hazard than actually materialize.

On the money side, Salah finally took the inevitable price drop given the insane GW1 ownership and many sellers are buying Hazard. There is little financial risk in selling Salah for Hazard. It probably won’t be too hard to get him back later. Just be warned: Salah looks good, even with Liverpool’s fixtures.

To Kane or Not to Kane?

The fact that Kane is tied for third place among Forwards without looking very good is a bit of a head-scratcher. On the one hand, even when he doesn’t look dominant, he’s managing to get points. He’s expensive and surrounded in the forward standings by players who are much cheaper than he is. But even if he’s getting by on PK’s for now, if Tottenham starts firing on all cylinders, look out.

West Ham and Southampton?

I’ve got my eye on them. It was a rough start to the year for both but Yarmolenko (M – $6.8 – WHU) could go off but the price is a risk.  For Southampton, Cedric (D – $4.4), Hojbjerg (M – $4.5), and Ings (F – $5.7) could be worth a punt.


Unfortunately, that’s all I have this week. My team needs two or three transfers — not worth a Wildcard and not worth a points hit. So, I’ll hold my fire, hope to avoid a zero, and with two free transfers next week, cross my fingers and pray that the players I already have will do well and the players I want will do poorly.

To me, it feels like a lull and a big exhale. I’ll defer to Sir Winston:

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”


and remember, as Sir Winston tells us..

You should dive!

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